Dénia parties with charanga begins in La Chica de Ayer

Event Date: 04 de julio de 2015
Event type: Party
The venue : Yesterday's Girl
Opening times: From 12 to 14: 30 hours
Starters: Free
Event finished

The countdown begins for the beginning of the festivities of Dénia, and I am sure that in your plans it is that Saturday is one of the biggest days.

To start it, nothing better than the plan proposed by you The Girl From Yesterday: Start the day at the rate of Cachorras Band !. The first day of holidays, 12 14 to: 30 hours, beam heating for the first entrà Bous in La Chica de Ayer with good vibes of charanga and popular prices.

Estem de festa!

Cachorras Band in The Girl From Yesterday in Dénia parties

The Girl From Yesterday

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