The enrollment period begins for the free Valencian classes offered by the City of Dénia

November 19 from 2018 - 20: 35

The Department of Linguistic Normalization of the City of Dénia launches one more year the free Valencian classes aimed at the adult population. The registration period is from Tuesday 20 in November to 14 in December.

Taking into account the adaptation of the official certificates of Valencian knowledge of the Board to the Common Reference Framework for Languages, it will be taught from the A1 level to the C2 (the former superior). The A1 level is the most basic, which allows meeting the first communication needs in everyday situations, therefore it is aimed above all at those people who want to start learning Valencian. It is the only course in which, at the end, the accreditation certificate is issued; For the rest of the levels, it is necessary to take the exam that the JQCV calls.

The classes will be taught at the Youth of Ronda Walls facilities in the morning, from the 14 from January to the month of June.

Those interested must submit the application for registration in the general register of the City Council (Office of Citizen Services) in the Plaza de la Constitución 10, or through the telematic means established in the electronic headquarters of the City Council.

For more information, contact the Department of Language Normalization on the 966467007 telephone or email: normalitzacio@ayto-denia.es.

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