Combat cellulite with Bambuterapia and red algae at Guaraná Beauty Center

15 2019 April - 09: 49

Guarana beauty center has the best treatments to prepare your body for this summer. The renowned massage with bamboo canes, more known as bambuterapia, relaxes your muscles and stimulates your skin, muscles, adipose tissue and nervous system.

Get reduce your cellulite with this treatment that produces a natural lymphatic drainage and removes accumulated body fat and helps you get a remodeled figure. Thanks to the bambuterapia you will tone up your muscles and achieve greater flexibility in your skin. In addition, it regenerates tissues and improves circulation. Get firm skin while decreasing tension and stress with this fantastic treatment.

The red algae of Guarana beauty center drain and reduce cellulite and localized fat. It is the ideal complement for the reduction of cellulite. Get a firm body this summer, thanks to the fantastic treatments and products of this center.

For more information, call the 965785293 or visit Esthetics Center Guarana in Avenida del Marquesado nº3.

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