Coloma 2 presents the "invisible lock"

November 21 from 2018 - 08: 41

In Coloma 2 they offer you everything for your home, and now as a novelty you can have the "invisible lock". It is a lock that does not need to be removed from the one you already have installed, since it is suitable for any type of door. It can be opened with a mobile APP.

The 'Remock Lockey ©' lock is a new security lock with no visible elements from the outside. It will significantly increase your protection because it is impossible to force from outside.

The definitive solution to robberies has many advantages:

- Compatible with your current door
- Simple installation
- Without maintenance
- With three years warranty
- Without wires
- No fees

It also has a simple installation in any type of door. Be it wood, metal, glass, armored, armored. And it is compatible with the conventional lock. No one will know what is installed.

And as if that were not enough, he controls several locks with the same remote control. And avoid complicated situations with your insurance. Since in some cases the thieves leave no trace opening most of the locks on the market.

For more information, please visit Coloma 2 Ferreteros in Avenida de Valencia, 38, Dénia.

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