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Renowned chefs ask dianenses for help with the recipe to get out of this

May 19 from 2020 - 13: 15

The City Council of Dénia today launches a new Tourism campaign on social networks, the objective of which is not to promote Dénia from the outside, but to look inside, to involve all Dianenses in a common, inclusive, positive movement that makes us feel part of of a whole, our city, and that it transmits the certainty that, united, we can get out of this difficult situation that we are going through.

Starting with a trait that identifies us inside and outside our borders, cooking, the campaign proposes the participation of all you Dianenses, and asks them to contribute their recipe to get out of it. A recipe in which we are all fundamental ingredients and that we have to cook together, because it is up to us to get ahead.

As a business card, the campaign "The recipe to get out of this" has the collaboration of six of the best Dianense chefs and cooks to describe the steps for this recipe to succeed.

Diana Cervera, Pep Romany, Miquel Ruiz, Rosa Martí, Mari Carmen Ripoll and Diego Mena tell us about shopping in the businesses in our neighborhoods, in that small local business that shows us day by day that Dénia is a great family. They also tell us about union, the kind that we need at the moment to reactivate the local economy. And it reminds us that sooner rather than later the tourists will return and they will find a Dénia prepared to receive them and safe and convinced that everything will turn out very well. The messages do not forget to recommend that we never lose our origins and that now is the time to take care of our elders, the origin of who we are. And finally, the secret of this recipe is revealed to us, which is none other than preparing it together. Because if we want the recipe for Dénia, there is no secret: # LaReceptaÉsDénia, as the campaign hashtag reminds us.

Then, the witnesses of people representing the different areas of Dianense society will be launched in networks and who will also give us their recipe to get out of it. Josep Miquel Mulet, from the area of ​​science and research; Mara Bañó, hospitality and local producers; Luis Silvestre, from tourism and local commerce; Zafir Malonda, parties; Jimmy Higueras, solidarity and inclusion; Nando Sendra, active tourism and sports; Carmen Paula Romero, culture; James Mezquida, local commerce, and Sergio Dénia, advertising and entertainment.

And as in any good recipe, the ingredients have to be added slowly, one by one, to form a tasty set. Therefore, any neighbor of the city is invited to participate. How? Taking a photograph, or a video, in the kitchen of his house, in which he appears with a wooden spoon in his hand, since this utensil so common in our kitchens is the symbol chosen for this campaign, and uploading it to his profile Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, with the hashtag # LaReceptaÉsDénia or # LaRecetaEsDénia and a comment of support and motivation for our city. The City Council of Dénia will be sharing the tagged images, with which a video will be mounted that will be published on their profile at the end of the campaign.

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  1. Juan says:

    I would like to know how much money is invested in this instead of offering a public job to those who need it. That would be a solidarity recipe

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