Veterinary Clinic El Saladar gives you a diagnostic test for its Primovaccinación de Leishmania campaign

26 March 2019 - 11: 29

The time has come to vaccinate your pet against Leishmaniasis. For it, Veterinary Clinic El Saladar has prepared a campaign for the First Primovaccination of Leishmania that has already begun.

In addition, they have a very special offer, until the April 30 diagnostic test gift to vaccinate your dog and prevent this serious disease.

The severity of the Leishmania

Canine Leishmaniosis is caused by a blood parasite that is transmitted by the bite of an insect called "phlebotomist", commonly known as "mosquito disease". There is no direct contagion of the infected dog to another dog or man, but it is transmitted through the phlebotomist bite. The most healthy for your pet is the prevention of this disease.

The professionals of El Saladar Veterinary Clinic will protect your pet with its Primovaccination campaign of Leishmania. For more information and appointments, call the 96 642 40 50 or visit its facilities at Paseo del Saladar, 62.

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