Veterinary Clinic El Saladar sterilization campaign begins

May 13 from 2016 - 00: 00

If you're still undecided about the benefits of spay or neuter your pet Veterinary Clinic El SaladarGive you some reasons to improve animal welfare state and all family members living with him.

Sterilization is a process by which we will have more birth control but also avoid health problems in the animal.

With sterilization is prevented to diseases such as: uterine infections (piometras) and ovarian cysts, breast tumors, psychological pregnancies, heat removal, and bloody discharge odors are avoided during heat, leukemia and immunodeficiency transmission. In addition to prevent leakage, fights, unwanted pregnancies, prostate and testicular tumors, unwanted and dangerous behavior (territorial marking, aggression, etc.).


For these reasons Veterinary Clinic El Saladar launches sterilization campaign covering the entire month of May and June, with 20% discount price interventions.

For more information, visit Veterinary Clinic El Saladar Paseo del Saladar, 62.

Veterinary Clinic El-Saladar

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