Veterinary Clinic El Saladar always advises the chip for the greatest safety of your dog

19 September 2018 - 00: 41

If your dog has ever been lost, you will know the bad drink it means for you and for him. During several days of searching we entered a difficult path where it does not always have a happy ending. For this reason, today it is essential to put the identification chip.

With it we guarantee that if someone finds it, it can be easily identified and delivered to its owners in the shortest possible time.

The law also dictates that dogs with more than four months must be identified with chip, passport and have the vaccination against rabies.

In the Province Veterinary The Saladar They have already started their awareness campaign about the chip, offering you a 20% discount to equip your pet with a chip, rabies vaccination and a passport.

For more information contact El Saladar Veterinary Clinic, on the 96 642 40 50 phone, or address, Paseo del Saladar, 62, Dénia.

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