Estevez Podiatric Clinic advises you on how to choose the best children's footwear for your children

23 September 2016 - 15: 33

With back to school, also arrive purchases of books, materials and new clothes. And of course, shoes. Children's shoes often pose a headache for parents who do not know whether to look at the price, quality or simply opt for the most beautiful.

At Clínica Podológica Estevez you are given some clues, based on the advice of the Official College of Podiatrists of Valencia, to choose the right footwear for your children.

What material should be made?

Natural and flexible materials that can allow foot transpiration are the best you can find for your child. Besides allowing free movement. It is also perfectly suitable footwear inside and made light and lacking internal seams to protect from scratches.

Suitable infant shoes

What are better laces or velcro?

The main thing is to avoid the excessive movement of the shoe when walking, as well as the movement of the foot forward. Therefore, it is advisable that the shoe presents some method of fastening be laces, buckles, Velcro, etc. The answer is, whatever it may be, but what it holds.

What about boots and shoes with a little heel?

For the boots, it is not advisable that reach the ankles because they do not facilitate movement. And as for the heels, the height should not exceed 3-4 centimeters.

And then, what is the ideal shoe?

In short, anyone who protects the foot but does not deform the march. The shoe should not be neither fair nor great, but must hold the foot without breaking.

As for the sole should be light and slip. And the toe should be approximately 1 to higher than the actual length of the foot 1,5cm.

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