Estevez Podiatric Clinic incorporates the latest laser technology to break fibrosis and calluses

13 June 2016 - 10: 00

Podiatric clinic Estevez It has the latest technology to bring you the best results against fibrosis and neovascularization of the foot area.

With the latest laser technology S30 Podylas, the helomas (Callosity nail type) long evolution, have solutions.

Clinical Podiatric Estevez have treated patients who took over 20 years until going to the office every month for pain. Now, thanks to laser action is achieved undo fibrosis and neovascularization of the area, eliminating pain and callus growth. In this case, it took only 2 sessions, and in a month spectacular results were achieved as can be seen in the images.

Laser S30 Podylas helomas Podiatric Clinical Estevez

Not only improves the callus, improves skin color and side pains walking wrong, like knee, hip and back. In most cases templates must be made to correct the problem that causes the appearance of corns and calluses.

For more information about this treatment, you can check Podiatric clinic Estevez Calle La Mar, 10, bass, Dénia.

Podiatric clinic estévez

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