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Citizens meets with business to agree on measures that «facilitate a rapid recovery»

09 2020 April - 13: 18

This morning the deputies in Les Corts for Citizens, Carlos Gracia, member of the Industry Commission, Ruth Merino, Deputy Union and Toni Woodward of Economy and Finance together with the spokesperson of the Municipal Group of citizens Dénia, Susana Mut, have had a telematic meeting with the President of CEDMA, Benito Mestre, and with Cristina Sellés and Reme Cerdá, President and Manager respectively of AEHTMA, to learn first-hand how the state of alarm caused by COVID 19 was affecting the business fabric of Dénia and the Marina Alta.

In this first contact, both Benito Mestre and Cristina Sellés and Reme Cerdá highlighted the importance of carrying out an orderly economic recovery, where it is taken into account that maintaining jobs is essential for the economic recovery after the alarm. Institutions must take courageous measures that make it easier for entrepreneurs and the self-employed to have liquidity to be able to start their activities again. For this they have delivered to the party a series of measures elaborated by their respective leaderships, showing their predisposition to expand them if necessary.

The orange deputy Carlos Gracia, has explained the measures in which they were working to be presented in Les Corts "When the Permanent Commission is convened, since the Consell at this moment has paralyzed all political action in the Valencian Community". These stockings They cover a wide range of proposals so that the return to business normality is positive, maintaining existing jobs and promoting the most affected economic sectors, such as tourism. On the other hand, Ruth Merino commented that from the finance commission that is part, "We are going to work so that the Budgets of the Generalitat for this year are paralyzed and readapted to the real reality that is presented to us today. They are about 3.000 million euros that must be readjusted immediately ”. Tony Woodward has insisted on the need to optimize the resources available to public organizations, and not only economic ones, but also to facilitate access to them. From the Municipal Group of Citizens Dénia, Susana Mut has indicated that "We are going to propose the implementation of a Council for Social and Economic Recovery that covers the largest number of entities to work for the future of the city".

All the parties have agreed to continue working when designing the measures that, while recognizing that we will not be in the same situation as before the crisis, facilitate a rapid and, most importantly, orderly recovery so as not to leave behind no one.

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