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Citizens insists that the Hospital de Dénia fulfill its contract

12 March 2015 - 11: 50

The Councilor for Citizens and candidate for mayor of Dénia, Mari Martínez, this morning insisted again on the need to address the "management" of the Marina Salud hospital to check that meets the conditions of his contract.

Martínez said that the responsibility of the health center rests with the Consell and the winning company and demanded that the superior commissioner "do his job and study the conditions of the contract" and its degree of compliance.

The mayor also considered it appropriate to "abandon the lack of current transparency" of the hospital. In a statement, he pointed out with respect to the Dénia Hospital that “in any case, a termination of the contract without sufficient legal motivation could result in millionaire compensation at the expense of the citizens. We need responsibility in the face of purely electoral positions, ”he said.

Councilwoman Citizen pleaded once again for "redesign the health management strategy responsibly and with all stakeholders".

Mari Martínez

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