Dénia citizens continues to struggle to get a dog beach

January 21 from 2015 - 12: 27

The second stay in claimed a dog beach organized by the political group, citizens Dénia, was again a success in terms of participation. More than forty people with their respective dogs, gathered on the beach of the raset. A call that this time had the collaboration of Mascotetes and various associations helps animals.

Applicants for a dog beach

The candidate for mayor, Mari Martínez, insisted that the creation of the dog beach is a mere matter of political will: "justice is simply looking 200 m beach where dogs can go in 18 km it has Dénia"He assured that establishing a regulated place for the presence of animals will make it easier to comply with the prohibition in the rest of the beaches.

Ciudadanos Dénia is the only party that has spoken out in favor of the canine beach and has already advanced that the initiative will be part of its electoral program.

  1. Jose Luis says:

    Hey, man indisputably speak from my point of view, I pick up the poop would not be good, because it is an enabled pet that people do not collect the droppings area, if you could watch a little more and not punish collect it, I have it clear, (if I have a pet, do not have that disturb or dirty).

  2. Monica says:

    There is more to resolve priority issues, to be engaged in a dog beach if necessary. Already have enough streets to wander all, to think a place on the beach, and as mentioned above, we have to put up in the city and feces scattered everywhere that the owners of the dogs do not bother to pick up, to take also on the beach and can no longer walk around that place.

  3. Jose Luis says:

    Man, I think it would be better to concentrate all our pets in a definite place, everyone to stroll, where he seems good, take a walk on any beach at dusk and see the pets that are in the beach, on the other hand I also think Denia need other more urgent things but we must bear in mind that enable a dog run does not cost to the public purse, and of course forcing all holders of pets to collect the droppings, as we do the vast majority, thanks.

    • again says:

      Of one thing I am sure, you will collect the poop, but since you know Denia, it is true that the sidewalks are "filthy damn shit", which the owners do not collect. And that in places where you can see it, well wait in the sand from the beach, worse than the bottles

  4. Jose Luis says:

    Hello I am Jose Luis de Madrid, these forty have to add that we have a house in Denia and we have pets and when we will spend some time in this wonderful city, do not know where to walk your pet, keep in mind that Denia is a city of vacaciones.Gracias

    • again says:

      Hello José Luis from Madrid, I think it's very good that you go to Denia with your dog, but of one thing I am sure, do not expect that the so-called beach area of ​​Mrs. Councilor (it has been with this question for more than a year, I imagine that he will complement it with other works, in favor of the City), be it the one in front of his house, and therefore sure ... sure .. that if he has to go a few km with the error, he will also question

  5. Monica says:

    With so many things that Denia needs… !! It doesn't seem a priority to me ... and I have a dog .

  6. again says:

    It literally puts….: ”Was again a success in terms of participation. More than forty people with their respective dogs, gathered at the Raset beach ”… from a Denia registry of more than 46.000 inhabitants (I don't have dogs, Mascotetes has the same). I imagine that the best thing to do is to know which area of the beach usually goes to Mrs. Mari Martinez, if her dog, if she has it