Cine Club Pessic

Pessic Cinema Club was established in the year 1991 in Pedreguer, by a group of people movie buff. The second year moved to Ondara and from 1993 work from Dénia, but always with regional vocation. He explains Romualdo Soler, a member of the Cine Club Pessic, this group came up with the idea of ​​making films in villages and Denia offer alternative programming, original versions with subtitles, Spanish films or Catalan not enter into commerce, classic , summer cinema with films for a family audience but rediscovering classics ...

Cinema Club Pessic has about ten people more directly linked and projections attend an average of 50 and 100 people. The early years, the projections were made at the Institute of Vocational Training Dénia, then they went to school Llebeig and since last October movies can be seen in the Theater Auditorium of the Social Center. "In addition to the changing room-out R.Soler- the big difference is that you no longer project into 35 mm, but on DVD, because the living conditions and budgetary matters.

With the change of format movies to DVD, R.Soler tells us that has opened the possibility of extending the programming aimed at a younger audience films. "We have long had in mind to do this type of programming. Now we have the room and good place for people to access. "

In addition to the screenings, the Cine Club Pessic since its inception carries out a variety of activities related to film and other related music, art, poetry, photography ... extraordinary film cycles, projections with musicians playing live and who have composed pieces for the Pessic, screening of short films, activities comics, exhibitions, contests, poetry recitals, concerts ... the members of the Cine Club Pessic are also linked to other activities and groups such as the Flexio Verbal or Toca-la Sam , an association that organizes rock concerts.

On the evolution of the group, Romualdo Soler stressed that "our evolution, as well as the evolution of people, has been like the film, a little. the film is not seen now as it looked 20 years ago. We used a public mostly less than 30 years, ara is people coming May 30-35 years. In cities also it happens the same, but the main drawback is the price, in our case is not the reason because the Cine Club is cheap. We would be delighted that the younger people to sign up. Today young people have many ways to watch movies such as the Internet. The future is uncertain Film Club. How the film will be in 10-15 years? We have spent the DVD because project in 35 mm is very expensive and is short-lived. But from here to 15 years, people will come to theaters? We do not know, and do not know not even the programmers of the most powerful halls. Given this uncertainty brings us the future, resist and we'll see what happens "

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    Hi. We Noucinemart, organizers D'Festival of Cinema d'Autor Barcelona. Gustariía we send you by mail our catalog Film Author 2014 / 15 Can you get in touch with us?
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    Hello, we are a new cinema club that has just taken its first steps, we would like to get in touch to see if we could start well, thank you and all help would be welcome.

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    Hi Club Pessic,
    We want to contact you to see if a partnership is possible. You could send your contact details?
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