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Five teams Dénia Basketball involved in national tournaments Zaragoza

22 March 2016 - 00: 00

On Thursday March 24 good morning, a bus will leave Dénia bound for Zaragoza. Five basketball teams with their respective coaches and accompanied by family begin Holy Week with basketball as the main content. A whole sports experience first nationwide that will be an extra in sports training of young basketball players

Basketball Female cadet Dénia

Every Easter the prestigious sports company, MHL Sports, organized various National Basketball Tournaments. Dénia is already fixed an entity in these events. He always has one of its teams among the participants. Thanks to the families of the players believe convenient to carry out the economic effort involved a sporting experience of this draft.

The five teams participating this year in these tournaments are both sophomores children's teams, the two teams cadets sophomore and junior men's team. The total delivery will 58 8 players and coaches. Staying for the event in the hotels planned for organizing tournaments.

To account for the size of these spare tournaments will mention that more than 2.000 144 participants and even teams are more than enough data. Mirotic players like Sabonis or Domantas have participated in previous editions.

First level quarry teams such as Valencia Básquet, Joventut de Badalona, ​​5 + 11 Foundation, Gran Canaria, Unió Manresana, Mann Filter or the Spanish sub selections 15 will take part in the tournaments.

Kids Basketball Female Dénia

Female Children 02 team coached by Jesús Pantojo will begin their tournament 4 drawn in group contesting their initial matches against: the Stadium Casablanca, Real Canoe NC and CB Cornella.

Child Male 02 team coached by Bernardo Sanz will begin his tournament also drawn in group 4 disputing their initial matches against: CB Granada Foundation, Alcorcón Básket, EM El Olivar, and CB San Josep.

00 Female Cadete team coached by Ferran Garcia will begin his tournament drawn in Group C disputing their initial matches against: Students, CN Helios and CB. Vilassar de Dalt.

00 Male Cadete team coached by Luís Suanzes begin his tournament 7 drawn in group contesting their initial matches against: the Gran Canarias, CB Tarragona, Lleida and Forca A.

Finally the men's junior team coached by Eduardo Clavero begin his tournament 6 drawn in group contesting their initial matches against: OCC Catalana Manresa, CE Laietana and Tile Moncayo CBZ.

Dénia Basketball Junior Male

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