Chigüines de Nicaragua raises more than 1.400 euros and gets new sponsors in their first solidarity dinner in Dénia

19 June 2018 - 08: 59

Satisfaction and gratitude. It is what the members of the association Chigüines of Nicaragua after the solidary dinner that was held last Saturday at the restaurant Balandros of Dénia. It was the presentation to Dianense society of this project that has been running for almost 20 years, and the reception could not have been more emotional.

140 people gathered at the dinner that resulted in a total of 1.430 euros collected, five new sponsors and a project that is already part of the Dianense society.

Before the dinner, on the terrace of the restaurant, the managers and coordinators of the project briefly told us about the project and how it is organized and carried out. Later, a film of images of almost 20 years of life of this project was projected and in which it was possible to see a broad summary of the activities carried out in Nicaragua.

After that, some sponsors and collaborators who have been supporting Chigüines from the beginning, narrated their experiences, explained why they have been trusting and collaborating with the project for so long and how they live their relationship with their godchildren.

The dinner ended with a raffle, in which a lot of gifts were raffled off by different shops, most of the area: Golden, ALE HOP, clinical Riga, Sacir Jewelry, Vanguard Hairdressing, Clavileño Chocolates, the painter Juan Caravaca, Disglop, Chiropractic Denia, Pilates Studio & Class Center, Windsurfing Denia, Vodafone, Salvador Pereperez and Laborimport.

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