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Talk about the creation of the working group "Llauradors d'Alcalalí SAT"

Event Date: 25 January 2018
Event type: Talk / conference
The venue : Knowhere Dénia (C / Fora Mur, 12)
Opening times: 19: 00 hours
Starters: Free
Event finished

On Thursday, January 25, MAE, Marina Alta Emprende returns to its 2018 activity with an interesting talk about Alcalalí almond and the working group Llauradors d'Alcalalí SAT.

Manuel Peña and Faustino Mestre will explain how the creation of this working group was created, made up of farmers and other territorial actors, whose main objective was to improve the profitability of the almond crop in Alcalalí.

In the talk they will talk about the process of setting up this project and also about the people, circumstances and current context that rural development is going through in general and, in particular, the local development of Alcalalí. They will also tell you about some of the changes that are taking place at the agricultural level and what the start-up of a project involves, where the set of territorial actors participates and puts their two cents in a common objective, such as the putting into value of the products. premises of proximity.

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