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briefing on European aid and subsidies for associations and groups

25 2014 April - 14: 02

The Department of Citizenship Dénia City Council has collaborated with the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration in organizing a briefing on aid and subsidies that the European Union attaches to groups and associations. The aim of the conference is to inform the members of these entities accessing European funding for the implementation and development of projects.

The talk will be given by the Director General of Projects and European Funds, Juan Manuel Viesca, on Wednesday, April 30, 18 hours to in Room of City Hall.

With the collaboration of the Department of International Relations, the meeting has been called to all neighborhood associations of the city, the Federation of Neighborhood Associations, the regional houses of Andalusia and Castilla-La Mancha in Dénia, associations of foreign residents, the Associació de Venedors del Mercat Municipal, Initiative Betània, ADAHMA and Amadem.

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