CFS Mar Dénia severely defeated against Serelles Alcoy who played with half a squad

26 2022 April - 12: 12

The CFS Mar Dénia team suffered a tough defeat last weekend in a simpler game, at first sight, against Serelles Alcoy. The possibilities were higher since the rival presented various casualties among the squad.

From the start, the Alcoy team came out more motivated and in the first minute of the match it was 0-1. Without reaction time, a minute later, it was 0-2. Hard ballast for a Mar Dénia that could not find its game and that only in sporadic plays managed to endanger the visiting goal. With the 0-2, the rest of the match was reached.

The second half began with a little more rhythm and CFS Mar Dénia locked up the Alcoyan team in their field, putting the visiting goalkeeper to the test again and again but without success in front of goal. In the 24th minute, after losing the ball in midfield, Serelles Alcoy launched a quick counterattack and made it 0-3.

The Dianense team kept trying and came again and again, but it was not until the 27th minute when Jordi Más got the 1-3 and two minutes later Rober scored the 2-3. Mar Dénia enjoyed their best minutes of play and began to trust the comeback, but in the 32nd minute a defensive error was severely punished by the visiting team that achieved 2-4.

The technician David Jaén put the player goalkeeper on the court to try to change the dynamics and, although in the 35th minute Jordi Más scored 3-4 and had complete control of the ball, they would no longer be able to move the score any further reaching the end of the match with the final result of 3-4.

Next week the Dianense team will travel to the town of Albatera, to face the local team on Saturday, April 30 at 18:00 p.m. on the 30th day.

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