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Orenda Center helps you change your eating habits through a multidisciplinary program

Event Date: December 16 2014
Event type: Talk / conference
The venue : Orenda Center
Opening times: 11: 00 hours
Starters: Free
Event finished


On Tuesday December 16 Center Orenda at its site an informative talk about multidisciplinary program 'Diet & Coach' which will be held from January through a balanced diet and motivational sessions.

This is a program carried out with the collaboration of Coaching Times and performed as for people who wish to have a healthier life and is durable in time. And it's not just to lose weight, it comes to achieving this change to achieve a new way of life.

Diet & Coach

Ale Navarro, facilitator of Coaching Times, and nutritional consultant Orenda Center Emma Esteban, will be responsible for guiding people to start working with the team to get both your eating and your thinking will change in positive and they know that they can achieve what they propose.

According to Navarro affirms itself, "Currently, we have been more concerned with having a healthy lifestyle, however, we do not know what to do to achieve this state of health in the physical and mental environment". Navarro talks to take into account three aspects: "The first is to feed you in a healthy and balanced way; the second aspect is to perform physical activity on a daily basis (30 minutes a day either continuous or fractionated) and the third and not least is to develop new mental skills that allow us to achieve everything that we propose, that is, a healthy mind is achieved with healthy and positive thoughts, thus betting on our ability to get where we want. "

The facilitator explains that we must bear in mind that "habits are created, they are not obtained by inheritance, they can become needs and lead us to perform automated actions", So says flatly that "Yes, it is possible to change habits".

To report on the multidisciplinary program, Orenda has scheduled a free briefing at 11 am at its center. Those interested can register by calling 965780690.

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