17 March 2015 - 15: 12

El karaoke Valencià from Falla CenterBy the artist José Gallego, he won the pennant for the best child fails the Special Section of the Fallas of Dénia 2015 with a total of 100 points. In addition, the prize was also ninot indultatBetter paint and award Wit and Grace your section.

Children 20 2015 Dénia Fallas Awards - charges and family celebrating the first prize

The joy overflowed to the Falleros of the Center when they saw leaving to their infantile charges, Laura Tur and Luís Sentí up to four times to the balcony of the City council to celebrate with its commission the obtained prizes.

The second prize went to the Baix la Mar fails and the monument It rebel.lió the nursery, Pastor Vicent Ferrer, who scored 86 points. The West fails the third prize was 79 points and the fourth went to Paris Pedrera, Which added 55 points.

Joy was infected fails Center across the Calle Marques de Campo, In the Port Rotes fails, Winner first prize in the First Section of children's failures thanks to the monument 2015 Dénia On viuen els déus, Dianense work of artist Enric Ginestar. The monument also won the award Wit and Grace your section.

President and Fallera Mayor Port Rotes

The second prize went with 101 points for Saladar failsFollowed by Diana (72 points); Campaments (70 points); Les Roques (66 points); Camp Roig (44 points) and Darrere del Castell, seventh prize with 41 points.

As for the course of the event included the timeliness of it, grateful for falleros and visitors 14 hours before and knew the names of the winning failures.

Tonight, from the 21 hours, we will know the awards Dénia failures this year and we'll tell you again in our social networks.

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