Dénia Sports Center opened its new 'Obstacles Box'

February 08 from 2017 - 00: 00

The Denia Sports Center inaugurated its new "Obstacles Box"Bringing together more than 100 Spartans in one morning.

The new box, cuante 25 over obstacles among the bravest users showed their prowess with rings, mobile bars, different air tests, inverted jumps walls, tows and more.

All participants followed the indications made by the instructor, Raúl Oliver carefully. After seeing the correct way to perform each of the obstacles were launched to overcome each of them.

The experience was very positive for both all spartan, children, youth and veterans who proved on the ground one of the best facilities that today there throughout Valencia.

The first to enjoy the new box were the children of 4 to 6 years. Then came the turn to youth 7 14 years and at last to test the hardness of them were adults. They began doing a good warm up and then make a rough layout of 7 kilometers

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