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Decentralized switchboard by COVID at the Dénia Hospital

17 2020 April - 17: 02

The professionals of the DKV Integralia Foundation, responsible for the telephone switchboard of the Hospital de Dénia, respond to user calls from their own homes.

The 14 members of the Dianense switchboard staff are professionals with physical and sensory disabilities. This measure protects a particularly sensitive group. All employees have been provided with the necessary software and tools to carry out their work from home.

Their task is essential at this time, since a good part of non-urgent healthcare is currently provided by telephone.

During these weeks of pandemic, in which it has been necessary to reschedule all healthcare activities, Integralia professionals are primarily responsible for offering information about COVID-19, as well as advising patients about non-urgent appointments, which are being scheduled for the long term.

The switchboard, which is accessed by dialing 966429000/02, has a new automatic response system that redirects the call, depending on the destination. Options include Primary Care, Radiodiagnosis, Surgical Interventions, or External Consultations. The customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 21:00. Outside these hours, calls are forwarded to the Hospital Emergency Department Admission team.

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