Hundreds of people to the cause of the 3ª signed up Solidarity March in Favor of the EEC Raquel Payà

25 2016 April - 00: 03

More than 600 people participated in the 3ª Solidarity March for Special Education Center Raquel Payà organized by Dénia.com, a figure that exceeded expectations and managed to prove, once again, that Denia and Marina Alta are generous.

From early morning, participants gathered in Els Quatre CantonsWhere about a hundred people who still had not had the opportunity to sign both as walkers and runners to participate in the march a few minutes before the start.

This time we have the cooperation of teachers and students of the school Raquel Payà; Association members Condemned to Curb and components Running Gin Tonic Club. Once the volunteers were placed in their respective places, the local police said that met the requirements and the 10 morning, the march started. In charge of giving out was a representative of the school, who thanked all participants for their collaboration in the solidarity march for another year.

3ª Solidarity March in Favor of the EEC Raquel Payà - Output

As in previous years, the march had a city tour of 3,5 kilometers for walkers and 7 kilometers for runners. Finally, 23 minutes past the start, the winner crossed the finish line of the march, the Dianense Fran Lopez Bolufer, club Enganxa't a còrrer.

3ª Solidarity March in Favor of the EEC Raquel Payà - finish line

After the awards ceremony proceeded to delivering more than forty awards among attendees, They could pick the spot and go home with ls satisfaction of having collaborated with a good cause and also a gift under his arm.

Portal de la Marina donated 850 euros

The mall Portal de la Marina He had pledged to donate one euro for each enrollee, and the big surprise was its director, Carlos Fita, by signing a check for 850 euros that will go entirely to the school Raquel Payà.

3º awards Raquel Payà Solidarity March - check Delivery Portal de la Marina

The educational community center showed his great joy to know how much it will add to the collection of the march, the final figure we will know in the coming days.

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