CEDMA comarcalmente expands with the integration of entrepreneurs Ondara, Pedreguer, Pego, Gata, Orba and Els Poblets

08 2016 April - 09: 40

The Cercle d'Empresaris de la Marina Alta (CEDMA) has managed to integrate six associations of the Marina Alta with the aim of expanding comarcalmente, one of the milestones marked for this new year by the presiding executive Sonja Dietz.

New additions to CEDMA

In this case they have joined the federation traders and entrepreneurs Ondara, Pedreguer, Pego, Gata, Orba and Els Poblets, convinced them all that "The defense of business projects in common is necessary and effective". They claim in a statement, all believe in the plan CEDMA "to become the employer of the Marina Alta".

Sonja Dietz, along with Ángel Vives, vice president and head of the Regional Institutions and Development Commission and Emilio felt, delegate of the same committee, met with representatives of the groups. Juanjo came Mahiques, Jordi Andrew, Paqui Signes, Dora Perelló and José Vicente Costa, presidents of associations of businessmen and traders Ondara, Pedreguer, Gata de Gorgos, Orba and Els Poblets and Secretary of the latter. At the meeting they talked about the importance of the regional initiatives aimed Union.

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