CEDMA promote the creation of an association of merchants in Dénia

07 October 2015 - 16: 45

In a recently held meeting, the Board of Directors of the Cercle d'Empresaris de la Marina Alta (CEDMA), Who chairs Sonja Dietz, It agreed to begin work on gathering information for creating a business association that brings together Denia existing sector.

As explained entrepreneurs, there is a lack of coordination and initiative in the sector, and believes that now, with many important issues on the table, such as the pedestrianization of the Calle Marques de Campo, the PGE or the location of the bus station, its participation is more necessary than ever.

Meeting of the Board of CEDMA

The first step will be from the Cercle will meet with associations from other towns in the region with weight and reputation, provided to collect information that can serve as an example to give a push in Dénia.

Hospital support staff

As part of the board of CEDMA, members of the hospital management moved the discomfort of the workforce "for the constant criticism of their work they receive through the media".

In this regard, the board highlighted the quality of human and technical equipment and services offered at the hospital, of great value to the region. And I proposed inviting the Platform for the Defense of Public Health of the Marina Alta to join the Board of Health to raise and discuss their differences with Marina Salud with full transparency.

A street in honor of Antonio Sellés Salvà

In another vein, during the meeting the proposal to change the name of the street was collected Hotel Los Angeles (Street Picardo) by Antonio Sellés Salvà, founder of the hotel and pioneer in the tourism sector in the city.

From CEDMA this proposal will be presented to City Council for "Thus honoring a pioneer family in the hotel tourism sector that did a great job during a professional career of about 50 years."

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