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CEDMA calls for urgent tax and fiscal measures to mitigate the effects of the health alert

13 March 2020 - 13: 37

Given the emergency situation created as a result of the increase in infections by COVID-19, since Business Cercle Marina Alta they claim to have joined all the official recommendations issued by public bodies. They announce that they have been carrying out intensive information work these days to the entities and companies associated with CEDMA in this regard.

"The most important thing right now is to safeguard people's health", communicate from CEDMA, to which they add: "We are in a state of health alert, for which we understand that official instructions must be complied with and those alarmist information that do not come from any official source, must not be contrasted, and that circulate through the different social networks".

They warn that this situation has totally unpredictable economic consequences and affects sectors "vital in the economy of our region (services, hospitality and tourism), the employment rate and the self-employed, SMEs and professionals from other sectors".

For this reason, they warn that, from the administration in general, urgent measures must be taken in tax and fiscal matters, among others, in order to mitigate the negative effects that will occur in the coming weeks.

"From CEDMA we have recommended our associates, and we extend it to the general population, to adopt the precautions and warnings raised. We also appeal to individual responsibility in purchases - there is no shortage, but there are crowds at points of sale- and to the adoption of the hygienic measures recommended by the health authorities to avoid as far as possible the spread of the disease. "

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