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CEDMA asks for more help from the public administration and a train «to compete in equality»

09 March 2020 - 10: 23

During Friday night, the business of the Marina Alta met at the Dénia Marriott La Sella Hotel to carry out the awards ceremony for CEDMA. An act that honored BPM Lighting, Marina Salud and Restaurante Sur de Xàbia, the winners this 2020.

Benito Mestre, president of the Cercle Empresarial de la Marina Alta and president of the jury, congratulated all the winners in a speech in which he claimed the importance of companies, large and small, in the region and the work required to undertake in the creation of one of these.

He also insisted on CEDMA's commitment to the sustainable objectives of the 2030 Agenda and asked the public administrations for more commitment and help, which, according to Mestre, sometimes seems not to be for the work. "We ask for simple things: meet the deadlines you set yourself; manage public money responsibly, because it is ours and it costs a lot to earn it", said the president of CEDMA, to which he added that citizens work for them.

Similarly, he took advantage of his intervention to claim "a train that spills our territory and allows to compete on equal terms".

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