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Almost a hundred and a half complaints per bottle in 2019

02 March 2020 - 15: 18

The Dénia Local Police filed 143 complaints for the consumption of alcoholic beverages on public roads during the year 2019, a figure that represents almost 50% of the total of 291 complaints for breach of the municipal ordinance of citizen coexistence registered last year. The consumption of alcohol on public roads is considered a serious infraction, which is sanctioned with fines of 400 euros to 1.500 euros.

In smaller numbers, during 2019 the Local Police made 44 complaints for urinating on public roads; 40 for insults to the agents and 31 for altering the rest of the neighbors between 22 and 8 hours.
There have also been, among others, cases of complaints for carrying out activities on the public highway without authorization, exercising begging, seriously disturbing the citizen's coexistence and throwing cans, glasses, cigarette butts and other elements that entail a deterioration of cleanliness urban

Potentially dangerous dogs

On the other hand, the Department of Citizen Protection of the City Council of Dénia started last summer a campaign to promote the regularization of potentially dangerous dogs in the municipality.

Of the 60 regularization records registered in 2019, 21 were notified and the owners of the animals proceeded with the regularization and 11 could not be located. The remaining 28 have not regularized the situation of the animals, so the council has proceeded to open disciplinary proceedings to their owners.

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