Casa Miguel Juan

Tasca Miguel Juan, the oldest tavern in Dénia, founded in 1929.

Miguel Juan was born as a cellar / tobacconist. Little by little the years go by and the business grows. In the 80s it changed its business concept and became a snack bar. A place where the people of Dénia knew that they could meet and enjoy delicious dishes and fantastic company.

2000 comes and Miguel Juan changes owners. On this occasion, it is Pepe Romany and Ximo Roselló who take the lead in this project, which they transform into a bar / tapas restaurant.

The restaurant continues to grow and now it is Mario Roselló who intends to carry it out. A new concept is generated, but without forgetting to enhance at all times what there was and the history that lies behind the walls of the mythical Dianense restaurant. Today Miguel Juan is a tavern-restaurant that mixes tradition and innovation.

In addition to a good raw material, in Miguel Juan the details are important and therefore, they offer you the best oils, preserves and more top-quality products to accompany their dishes.

And if you are a lover of good wine, Miguel Juan is also the perfect place for you. They have the best wineries in the country and will always offer you the information you need to choose the best bottle.

If you're in the mood, try the best Gin Tonics in the world. Choose from our 150 gins the one you like best and combine it with one of its 20 different tonic. Choose your combination or let yourself be advised.

Already know us, Taberna Miguel Juan, we hope.


C / Loreto, 39 03700 Dénia, -

  1. inma says:

    Spectacular food
    Definitely ... a different place.

  2. saes says:

    I am looking forward to visiting your restaurant, great calidadby looks good service

  3. Joan says:

    It is one of my favorite Loreto Street !!! Iria with my husband

  4. Maria says:

    After reading the comments and recommendations, I am looking forward to visiting it. I will visit on my next vacation. If I get the prize would go with my sister.

  5. Oltra Martinez Carmona says:

    I went to this bar with my grandfather. And I still yendo.me chifla. I recommend it to all the universe

  6. monica says:

    One of the favorite restaurants for us ... all very good and the way to serve gin and tonic !!! ... very original. Let's see if I'm lucky and I get to dinner !!! /

  7. pabel says:

    there is no better restaurant juan miguel, wherever you go you will not find better service than the juan miguel which are awaiting you at all times. mario rosello young businessman who holds the reins of the restaurant is a very responsible guy and serves great gins.

    I recommend you go juan miguel bar if you want to eat well and be served well because no hi ha lloc Mijor that mikelet joan. ahggg

  8. Pedro Pablo says:

    generous rices, sucs d, once. What else to say. Quality, service professionalism

    • pedro pablo says:

      Today I had the great pleasure of sharing a table with three friends and corresponding ladies, and exceptionally well together feel, well served, well staffed, well treated and only too well matched, at my good friend MIGUEL JUAN, with a excelentisima tasting a extraordinary wild rice with lobster with corresponding wines and spirits.
      Soon we meet again, greetings.

  9. Vaida says:

    It's my favorite place for tapas and gin and tonic in Denia!

  10. ana says:

    I send you a big kiss

  11. Stephanie et Michaël says:

    Hello !
    It is the best bar in the world! The service of the gin and tonic is very perfect, it is great! Very handsome ... It will always remind me of the man who says: "I am the letter of the gin!" 🙂
    THANK YOU to him !!!

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