Letter from Gent de Dénia in memory of Jaime Costa Tur

May 15 from 2020 - 09: 47

Friend Jaime,

This week you have left us and this causes us great sadness, but we remember your presence, which will always be with us, because along the way you have left an immense baggage:
A great family that has loved you like no one else and will love you forever. A family that we appreciate very much, so from these lines we want to send everyone a big hug and our deepest condolences.

A very great work, which you have made known all over the world, painting with our mastery It montgó, our castle, our port, our people and our way of being.

A huge personality that we remember fondly. Your interesting conversations full of anecdotes and stories about your experiences. That you fished the "weep" on your irrigation raft when you returned from America, after two years of having left them very small. That you were the first to see the plane crash that the military suffered in Montgó. That you painted for many years the castle and the Montgó by heart.

Ask for paints and brushes wherever you are, because you will make many happy, just as you did when you were among us, because we were very lucky.

But you have never had the recognition you deserve for your great career as a person and as an artist. In 2010, our party organized an event, in which we wanted to remember another great man from Dénia, such as the tenor Cortis, creating an award for the dissemination of the city with his name. You were the winner, because you spread the image of Dénia around the world like no one else. In that same act, and before the City Council, our group proposed you as "Adoptive son of the city", but it was not alone in our hands and the resolution of the file was pending without you finally being able to enjoy it. Sometimes politics and complicated administration cause these situations, unfortunately. For this reason, we undertake to reactivate this file and to propose this recognition again posthumously.

Our small local party, and above all, the people that we follow there and who had the honor of meeting you, will be sorely missed. We will remember your personality, we will contemplate with pleasure your great work and we will be close to your wonderful family.

A big hug, friend Jaime.

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