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Carnival: venue, contest, awards and photos

February 05 from 2020 - 16: 07

Although it does not have a date marked on the calendar, since every year a different Saturday is celebrated, Carnival in Dénia is one of the obligatory festive events for the smallest of the city, which give free rein to your imagination and They bring their most original and fun costumes to the street.

Next you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with.

Who can participate

We talk about "the little ones" because, although years ago we tried to open Carnival at all ages, the truth is that the most adult sector does not choose Dénia to celebrate this party, preferring nearby towns like Pego, where The party is a benchmark.

That is why, for some years, the Department of Festivities of the City chooses to focus on smaller party, and for them prepares an intense evening of music, color and imagination through the streets of the city.

However, it is also true that every year that passes there are more and more groups of adults who opt for the celebration of the capital of the Marina Alta.

Where is celebrated

The Carnival in Dénia is itinerant since 2016, when the new municipal corporation decided that each year it would vary from location to take the party to all the city's neighborhoods. Until that time it was celebrated in the center, with a tour of Marqués de Campo Street and later party in the Plaza del Consell, but with the new Fiestas policy, each year it will be in a different corner.

In 2020, the Children's Carnival of Dénia is celebrated in the Valgamedios square, where they usually plant the West fault. It is the place chosen to deliver the prizes to the best costumes.

Costume contest

Like any Carnival that boasts, the party in Dénia also has a costume contest that rewards the four best and most original categories. In individual, the categories are divided according to the ages, and prizes are also given to the best troupes and duos or couples.

A jury selected by the Festival Committee appreciates the participants and presents awards which are usually products provided by different shops in the locality.


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