The Dénia Carnival: date, place and costume contest

Event Date: February 18th 2023
Event type: Party
Site: Patricio Ferrándiz with Sagunt
Schedule: 18: 30
Home: Free
Event finished

The Carnival in Dénia is one of the mandatory festive events for the little ones in the city. In it they give free rein to their imagination and take to the streets their most original and fun costumes to participate in a contest that is more crowded every year.

When is?

It is always a Saturday afternoon in February, but it does not have a fixed date, rather it varies every year. In 2023 the party was celebrated on Saturday, February 18.

Where is it celebrated?

The Carnival in Dénia is itinerant since 2016, when the municipal corporation decided that it would change its location annually to take the party to all the neighborhoods of the city. Until then it was celebrated in the center, with a tour of the Calle Marques de Campo and later party in the Plaza del Consell. But with the new party policy, each year is in a different corner.

In 2023, the Carnival was held, at the request of the neighborhood merchants, at the intersection of Sagunt street and Patricio Ferrándiz street. Prior to this, a parade was held from La Via street, passing through Arxiduc Carles square.

Costume contest

Like any Carnival worth its salt, the party in Dénia also has a costume contest that rewards the best and most original by category. Individually, the categories are divided according to age, and prizes are also awarded to the best comparsas and duets or couples.

Who can take part?

Since 2023, the different categories that compete to win the prizes for best costumes are:

  • Mini (up to 4 years)
  • Child (from 5 to 12 years old)
  • Youth (13 to 18 years old)
  • Couples (no age limit)
  • Comparsa (groups of 3 to 15 participants, without age limitations)


A jury selected by the Festival Committee appreciates the participants and presents awards which are usually products provided by different shops in the locality.



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