Carmen Medina climbed to the top of the podium in the 'Ican Gandía' in the distance Short

24 October 2018 - 06: 58

The beach of Gandía lived a great atmosphere with the dispute of Ican Gandía, which in this edition added a new distance, the Shorts. The participants in this distance had to cover a swim segment of 1.300 meters, a second of 30 kilometers bike and a third of the 7.000 meters on foot race.

In this mode, Carmen Medina, of Dénia Triatló, climbed to the top of the podium, being the best in the V1F category. Medina finished in the 5 position of the overall women's overall, after having made a first swim segment where she used a 23.46 time. In the bicycle segment he marked a time of 55.45 and ended up running in 30.22 the race segment. His total time was 1: 54.36.

Very close to her was her club mate, Ramón Grimalt, which ended in a time of 1: 55.46, with some 20.25 partials in swimming, 56.05 in bicycle and 33.57 in running race.

The next Dénia Triatló athlete who reached the goal was José Antonio Costa, who used a total time of the 1: 58.22. Costa came out of the water with an 27.37 brand, finished the cycling segment at 56.46 and the 29.12 race on foot.

Above two hours

Alejandra Brea finished the test with a total time of 2: 01.30, in the swim section she used 26.44. In the cycling circuit he used 59.20 and finally in the running distance he used a 30.56 time.

Carlos Grimalt He finished the race with a time of 2: 02.08, with a partial 26.15. While on the bike segment he used 59.56 and ended up running the running distance on 29.44.

Mario Somoza and Zulema Varas were the winners

In the men's category, the winner of this modality was Mario Somoza, of the Avant Moncada, who used a total time of 1: 47.18, followed by Jaume Cots, of the Corriol Triathlon, who entered 2.23 of the winner. The third classified was José Arnau, with a time of 1: 36.02.

In women, the best was Zulema Varas, from Avant Moncada, with a time of 1: 47.18. The second classified was Cristina Pulido, of the Corriol Triathlon, with a time of 1: 48.58 and the third place was for, María Rodríguez of the 2XTRI who made a mark of 1: 49.42.

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