Carlos Mazón, president of the PPCV, denounces the "pernicious effects" of the Coastal Law in Dénia

06 March 2023 - 10: 18

The president of the Popular Party of the Valencian Community (PPCV), Carlos Mazón, met last Friday in Dénia with the candidate of the PP to the mayor's office, Pepa Font, and with a hundred people affected by the Coastal Law. The president took the opportunity to denounce the complicated situation in which several coastal municipalities find themselves, as well as the owners in the region, due to the negative consequences of this legislation "and the misappropriation of land for public domain," he remarked.

At the meeting, Mazón opposed the plunder that the owners are suffering and affirmed that the PP is working on a new regional law for the planning of the coast to protect property and tourism and, in this way, make use compatible with protection.

Mazón affirmed that the application of the new regulations of the Coastal Law by the Spanish government "is being disastrous for the owners, who feel plundered without Ximo Puig Open your mouth to find solutions.

The president insisted that from the public administration "measures capable of mitigating the pernicious effects of state law at the regional level are needed and in turn be capable of reconciling the right to property with action to preserve the coasts. Today we are more than a hundred people here, I have attended protests in other municipalities of Valencia and Castellón with hundreds of people affected to give support to neighbors who cannot even make repairs to their homes. Thus, he insisted that "we must once and for all face this outrage in the face of which the Consell de Puig has remained silent without taking care of those affected, tourism and the beaches».

During the meeting, the president of the PPCV also promised to carry out the main actions that Dénia needs: "we will solve the mobility problems of the town and its region with the Gandía-Dénia tram, the new bus station and the connection with the port. For Puig and Sánchez, Dénia is not among their priorities to carry out investments that generate growth.

The meeting was attended by Senator Vicente Martínez, the environmental spokesperson for Grupo Popular in les Corts, Elisa Díaz, and the PP's deputy secretary for ecology and development, Elena Albalat, who also answered questions from those affected.

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  1. Luis says:

    He himself promises to stop the rise of the sea with the force of his own body and separate the waters to make a corridor towards the Balearic Islands.