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New faces and commitment to youth in the new PP executive of Dénia

January 10 from 2019 - 13: 52

The Popular Party of Denia has presented the members of its new executive for the municipal elections next May.

An electoral challenge on which they recognize that "Having the best team will be the key, compared to those who bet on the 'more of itself'. From the Popular Party we believe it is time to add value to the new generations and that there is a renewed air in the Dianense institutions". This is how her president said María Mut, who has added that "The PP represents the actual citizenship, defending their concerns and brings freshness to the policy Dianense".

Mut has pointed out that "Our commitment is to work to make our city a more attractive Dénia for residents, tourists, traders and investors, always thinking about doing things with common sense". The president is convinced that "We have formed the best team for this new stage, we start strongly and prepare to face the May elections, where we want citizens to trust the Popular Party again".

Organization chart of the new PP executive in Dénia

  • Chairwoman: María Mut
  • General Secretary: Eva Catalá
  • treasurer: Vanesa Femenia
  • President NNGG: Andrés Escribá


  • Deputy secretary of organization: Javi Llull


  • Deputy Secretary of Communication: Andrés Escribà
  • Secretary of Social Networks: Sisco Signes
  • Press Secretary: José Vte. Benavente
  • Secretary of events and events: Patricia Ballester


  • Sectoral Deputy Secretary: Juan Carrió
  • Secretary of the Las Marinas area: Vanesa Femenia
  • Secretary of the Las Rotas area: Pedro Blasko
  • Monte Pego zone secretary: Mark Petrie
  • Secretary of Barrio La Pedrera: Pepe Romero
  • Secretary of Barrio Les Roques: Amado Marcilla
  • Secretary of the Center, Port and Saladar area: Coque Gavilá
  • Secretary of Barrio Oeste and Campaments: Antonio González
  • Secretary of Barrio Darrere del Castell and Baix La Mar: Fran Bisquert
  • Secretary of Barrio Plaza Paris-Camp Roig: Pepe Torró

Urban Policy

  • Vice-secretary of Urbanism: Paco Chapa
  • Secretary of Works: Javier Milvaques
  • Secretary of parks and gardens: Sisco Signes
  • Housing Secretary: Juan Ots

Social Policy

  • Deputy Secretary of Social Policy: Eva Catalá
  • Secretary of Health, Social Welfare and Equality: Pepa Sivera
  • Secretary of Education and Youth: María Segarra
  • Secretary of Immigration and Aliens: Ludovica Verdam
  • Secretary of Rural and Agricultural Affairs: Paco Durá
  • Senior and senior secretary: Victoriano Yañez

Playful Policy

  • Vice-secretary of Playful Politics: Sabela Miñana
  • Secretary of Sports: Jorge Lemos
  • Secretary of Culture: Isabel Gallego
  • Party Secretary: Paco Arnau

Economic policy

  • Deputy Secretary of Finance: Juan Antonio Cristóbal
  • Secretary of personnel and employment: Juan Ots
  • Secretary of Commerce and Business: Jorge Lemos


  • Andrés Escribà
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