Cara o creu visit Dénia: how the municipality changes depending on the budget

January 01 from 2021 - 07: 23

The Cara o creu program took place last week in the two important municipalities of the Marina Alta: Dénia and Xàbia. In this program of the public channel À Punt, the presenters at the beginning risk the budget they will have to discover the municipalities. On the one hand, one of them will have to know their destination for a weekend with 150 euros in their pocket, while the other will have no limits and will be able to live the experience with all the luxuries.

"Face or creu visit Dénia and Jávea, two incredible places, with many things to discover, but one of the two reporters, or Manu Lajarín or Àlex Blanquer, will visit it in a more modest way while the other of them will enjoy it without a budget limit. But the two will live that Dénia is a Creative City of gastronomy by UNESCO since 2015 ".

Enjoy the complete program by clicking on this link.

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  1. Ramón Aznar Exposito says:

    It is an excellent program, the approach is very good, making our land and our gastronomy known, in terms of the presenters, two ten, making the program very entertaining and entertaining, they should do more programs, visiting the whole community, my predilection by Manu, he is a crack.