Canviem between Tots unveils its list for municipal

May 04 from 2015 - 12: 00

The instrumental party Canviem between Tots, One of the new ones that will attend the municipal elections of the next 24 of May, has announced the names of the equipment that will accompany to Antonio Losada Andreu in these elections.

The list consists of

1. Antonio Losada Andreu
2. Alexander Stefan Rodenkirchen
3. About
4. Maria Rosa Medel Ortega
5. Rosalinda Vega Macias
6. Francisco Jaén López
7. Bernabé Contreras Sarabria
8. Antonio Ortega Ferrer
9. Angela Álvarez Soto
10. Claudia Marcela Estrada Chica
11. Luis Alberto De Alcántara Dos Santos
12. Víctor Van Herpt Valdivia
13. Jose Angel Rebollar López
14. Elementary proficiency
15. Maria Inés Ricca
16. Antonio Ochoa Baeza
17. Pedro Alejandro Castilla Weeber
18. Elementary proficiency
19. María Carmen Vicenta Antonia Llorca Marti
20. Vicenta Ausina Ladios
21. Maria Isabel Ruiz Sastre


22. Jose Gabriel Genis Bondia
23. Cristina Blanca Iannuzzi

Events scheduled for the campaign

The acts of Canviem between Tots will begin on Friday 8 of May at 20 hours in the Plaza del Consell. On Wednesday 13 of May will celebrate an act in the Social Center of the Xara at the 20 hours; On Friday 15 will be presented on Calle Sagunto; While 20 in May will explain its program in the Plenary Hall of Jesus Poor. The final act of campaign will be on Friday 22 of May to the 19 hours in the Hall of Acts of the Llebeig School.

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