Campaments vindicates its identity in the presentation of Sandra Moll Vargas

February 11 from 2019 - 12: 21

The fallas presentation cycle of the 2018 / 2019 exercise ended last Friday with the Campaments fails, who claimed their identity and the generic identity of the failures in the act of proclamation and exaltation of Sandra Moll Vargas as her senior faller.

With the help of Soraya Moreno, the commission was guided to celebrate such a special night, which started with the presence on stage of President 2019, Juan Poveda. He was in charge of receiving the components of the court of honor that this year will accompany Sandra. One by one, the young women of the commission were completing the set.

The central piece, full of flowers and lights, awaited the arrival of Sandra. The major fallera, very excited, received the affection of the public before its predecessor, Yolanda López, imposed the much desired band. An element that rose to the stage Laura Rubio, Sandra's cousin, to continue to thrill the protagonist of the night. Yolanda and Salvador, 2018 charges, took the opportunity to say goodbye to an unforgettable year in their lives.

The emotions did not stop for Sandra, discovering that her sister Cristina was in charge of her exaltation. Cristina recognized herself as a proud sister to see Sandra as the head of the commission, and thanked her for the support she gave him two years ago when she was the maximum representative of the failure.

In the turn of pleitesías, Sandra received the affection of its positions infantile, Sara and Christian; the Comissió de Festes de la Mare de Deu; the party councilor, Óscar Mengual; the representatives of the Railway Failure of Xàtiva and the greater faller of Dénia, Amparo Petrie.

The maximum representative of the Campaments fault took the floor as a culmination to the evening, addressing the people who accompany him in this fallera adventure, especially his family.

With the presentation of Sandra Moll ends a stage that gives way to the previous acts of Dénia 2019 failures. Now is the time of the acts prior to the big days, which already cover the agendas of the next weekends.

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