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T-shirts for tablets for patients: Rockmantic's solidarity commitment

04 2020 April - 13: 03

A wave of solidarity shows continues to travel through the Marina Alta to help workers and patients who are fighting against COVID-19. This is the case of the Rockmantic store and its original campaign that seeks to keep those inmates connected with theirs through a simple gesture.

"When we hear that there are sick people in the Denia hospital isolated, unable to speak to their families and even, in some cases, not even saying goodbye, it was impossible for us to do nothing ", they affirm from the company. For this reason they have launched this initiative in which they offer the "One Heart" t-shirt, allocating 100% of the sale to the purchase of tablets for those admitted to the hospital "so that at least they can see and feel those kisses and hugs virtually".

"We cannot make them see each other physically, but we can make it easier for them to be connected virtually and to share all the love and affection that a sick person needs in such a situation", say the creators of the initiative.

You can access the store through on the web o your instagram. The campaign also collaborates @publiquatre y @the_content_strategist.

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