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Quality and excellence in the VI Student Seminar of CA UNED Dénia

11 March 2020 - 12: 08

During the days 4, 5 and 6 March the VI UNED Dénia Student Seminar took place, consisting of the Presentation of the end-of-course work to obtain the Master's or University Degree.

In the Presentation of the event that took place on Wednesday, March 4, the table was chaired by D. Vicent Grimalt Boronat, Mayor of the MI Dénia City Council; Ms Melania Ivars Roja, Councilor for Education, Youth, Addiction Prevention and Transparency; D.ª Raquel Martí Signes, Director of the CA UNED Dénia; and Ms. María Ángeles Menéndez Gutiérrez.

The presentation began with María Ángeles Menéndez, who commented “I do not want this work to be a finishing touch to all the work they have been doing over the years to earn their graduate degree, but rather I hope that, more than a brooch, it is a door that it is opened to them for possible investigations and for a more in-depth work already in the future ”.

Then Melania Ivars had the floor, who highlighted "The UNED in Dénia is much more than teaching, the various social events that it carries out throughout the year make the university closer to society every day, and the consolidation of the seminaries is a great example. "

Mr. Vicent Grimalt Boronat continued, who congratulated the students of the CA UNED Dénia for the effort made and the great quantity and quality of the works presented, and highlighted “The collaboration between the City Council of Dénia and the UNED is very fluid and satisfactory For both parties, that is why the City Council has an investment commitment in the House of Culture that in the coming years it will modernize the current facilities in order to make them more functional and meet the demands of users (…) ”I continue to congratulate CA UNED Dénia for the“ I UNED ODS Award ”with the project“ Exploring equality with Coe and Duca ”received the previous week and announcing a step forward in the collaboration between both institutions on an equal level thanks to the work carried out by the Center.

After the words of the members of the table and the congratulations of the Mayor of the MI City Council of Dénia to the CA UNED Dénia, Ms. Raquel Martí Signes highlighted "This 6th edition of the Student Seminar is in crescendo (...) little by little we have been expanding the people who dare to present their work and in this particular one we will be three days. (...) They are works carried out from academic rigor and proof of a conclusion to in-depth studies ".

Also present during the seminar were Mr. José Montserrat Crespo, Legal Technical Manager of CA UNED Dénia; and Mr. Jaume Tortosa Amor, Secretary of the Center.

Presentation of the work on March 4

The presentation of the Master and Degree works began with a presentation by María Isabel González Mac Dowell, Degree in English Studies, who presented the theme "Female Madness: A Patriarchal Construct?". Next, David Llorens Martínez, Degree in Law, took the floor and presented his work "Legal analysis of proven facts: Involuntary homicide, although foreseeable."

The session continued with the topic chosen by the speaker Salvador Bordes Martínez, Degree in Legal and Administration Sciences "The Right to be Forgotten. Computerized historical information regarding honor, privacy and data protection. ” For her part, Beatriz Gónzalo Gamo, Degree in Psychology, discussed the "Prenatal Duel". With this presentation the first afternoon of the Seminar was concluded.

Presentation of the work on March 5

The afternoon began with a presentation by Beatriz Gómez Esparza, Degree in Psychology, who spoke to us about "Emotional education today: health and well-being tomorrow." José Antonio Damiá Mut, Degree in Business Administration and Management, continued, who presented the work "Analysis of the economic situation."

Miguel Ángel Martínez Ortiz, Master in Access to the Legal Profession, spoke next, who developed the topic "Business secrets as industrial property rights."

The day continued with the work of Carmen María Corral Corral, Master in Education Teacher Training, "Readings of the myth of the Cave".

The last presentation of the day was made by Miquel Francesc Tomás Miralles, Degree in Business Administration and Management, with "Analysis and trend in the beverage manufacturing sector".

Presentation of the work on March 6

On March 6 it began with the exhibition by Vanessa Ruiz Sebastià, Master in French and Francophone Studies, with “La mujer de los Goncourt. Psychoanalytic portrait of "La fille Élisa". Next, Juan Antonio García Jerónimo, Bachelor of Business Administration and Management, took the floor and presented his work "The HR department and its adaptation to industry 4.0."

The session continued with the topic “Electronic Court Notifications.” by Vicente Ivars Català, Master in Access to Procurement. He then presented his work Rodrigo Reig Poquet, Master in Access to the Legal Profession, with the title "The relationship of lawyers in police stations, in the courts and with the prison administration." For his part, Manuel Antonio Navarro Ribellés, Degree in Law, presented "The analysis of the legal institution of administrative expiration, contained in Law 39/2015, of October 1, on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations." With this presentation the seminar was concluded.

During the event, the dedications to family members, couples, teachers and professors of each one of the people who made their exhibition were especially emotional, making clear the importance for academic success of family support and the environment, as well as having facilities for conciliation, something with which the CA UNED Dénia is firmly committed.

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