The Three Kings Parade in Dénia: when is it and where does it go?

Event Date: 05 January 2023
Event type: Party
Schedule: 18: 00
Event finished

The arrival of the Magi to Dénia is one of the most anticipated celebrations of the Christmas, highlighting the parade that runs through the streets of the city for the enjoyment of families. Therefore, it can be said that Twelfth Night is an essential event in the Christmas festivities in the capital of the Marina Alta.

When is

The Cavalcade of the Magi of Dénia is always celebrated on the same date: January 5, coinciding with the Night of the Kings. Its schedule usually ranges from early in the afternoon until shortly before the Three Kings dinner, around 20:00 p.m. or 21:00 p.m. It usually starts between 17:00 p.m. and 18:00 p.m., depending on the schedule for that year. In 2023, the start time will be at 18:00.


The usual route carried out by Their Majesties of the East is from the port of Dénia to the Plaça de la Constitució, under the Dénia town hall, passing through Marqués de Campo and Diana street. However, on occasions it has undergone a small alteration depending on the point where the Three Kings arrive or where the reception takes place.

En 2023 The route of the Three Kings parade is modified so that it concludes in La Via street, remaining as follows:

Departure from the port of Dénia

At the scheduled time, the Kings arrive around the port, each year in a different way. We have seen them appear by boat, on horseback, on camel, in convertible and even by helicopter. His arrival is always one of the best kept secrets of the parade.

En 2023, Their Majesties from the East will arrive again by sea, by catamaran, disembarking in the port of Dénia.

Horseback riding through Marqués de Campo

Once in the port, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, accompanied by their pages, occupy the floats and the cavalcade begins. The Three Wise Men are already in Dénia. During the tour, the Kings and their pages, announced by music bands and children's atmosphere, throw candies from the top of the float to the boys and girls.

end of the journey

Traditionally, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar get off their floats at the Plaza del Consell, and from there they walk to the Dénia Town Hall. Next, and after being received in the Plenary Hall by the municipal corporation, one of the Three Wise Men greets the hundreds of people who gather in the square.

However, in 2023 there will be no celebration in the Plaza de la Constitució. The tour will end in La Via street, where the usual act that until then was done under the consistory will take place.

Reception of the Magi

Once they arrived at the town hall, a spokesman for Their Majesties from the East addressed the crowd that appeared in the Plaza de la Constitució, thanking them and expressing their wishes. After this, the different dance and song shows begin with which Dénia seeks to thank the Three Wise Men for their presence. All this concluding with an impressive pyromusical show, to put the finishing touch to the evening.

En 2023 This same act is held on La Via street, again leaving the town hall where the reception has historically been held.

Although the castle of fires serves as a conclusion, after which the Three Kings receive the boys and girls to be photographed with all those who wish.

The Royal Postmen

The one prior to the arrival of the Kings is celebrated a few days before the parade, when Dénia receives a visit from the Royal Postmen, to whom the boys and girls deliver their letters.

Access all the information about the Royal Postmen of Dénia clicking on the link.

Organization cavalcade

The organization of the parade of the Three Kings in Dénia is the responsibility of the festival department of the Town Hall.

The floats in which the Magi from the East parade come from the Fallas of the city, appearing some of those that have already been seen during the Festivals .

2021 fast cavalcade

In 2021, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Cavalcade of the Magi had to be canceled, as happened with most events of the Christmas schedule. Dénia was fully suffering the consequences of the third wave of COVID-19. However, at the last minute the local government decided to undertake an alternative visit of Their Majesties of the East so that the boys and girls had their well-deserved moment of illusion.

In order to avoid crowds, it started without warning. The Three Wise Men did visit Dénia, and they did it mounted in convertible vehicles that traveled all the streets of Dénia accompanied by the Local Police. With sirens and horn blasts they warned the neighbors of their presence, who responded by looking out to the balconies and being able to see the Kings in this way.

It was a fast cavalcade, as they made the journey at high speed and without stopping to prevent passers-by from congregating at the same point. However, most of it was broadcast live on the City Council's social media profiles.


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