Ca Tona

Mediterranean cuisine.

Plaza de San Antonio, 2 (Barrio de Pescadores)
96 578 91 21

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  1. Manolito says:

    I was last night, the feast of St. John, ca Tona beach. (2014)
    The food ... little, of poor quality, it was served very late, and it was also cold! A horrible barbecue. Raw black pudding, the cheapest sausage, dry chorizo ​​... etc Also for € 35 !!! A scam. A SCAM!
    To top it off, nothing is free buffet (which is what they sell you), they serve it to you at the table and voila… of course, the only thing that matters is the place.
    We also asked something for a celiac girl, and the owner did not want to serve us, besides being very unpleasant ...
    we all ate little and badly, and how little they put us in the end we neither ate, very bad.
    I will not go again ... do not get scammed ...

  2. Protection says:

    Ca Tona beach, a beautiful place on the beach, quiet, cozy and constantly evolving. I also live in Denia as some of the people who have posted comments. Tona kitchen is whenever I'm much better, the great tapas: stuffed squid, octopus sauce, a salad of octopus, riquisimo. Fresqusima always with a twist (as would many restaurants) green salad. Very good rice, although not my favorite dish. But the lamb curry or chicken Tona, I have not eaten in any Indian restaurant in Spain, BUENISIMO¡¡¡¡
    What I don't understand is because a comment from 2010 always comes out first… who cares ????

  3. Maria says:

    PESIMO RESTAURANT! We went to eat with some friends at the ca tona. The cleaning was nonexistent. The menu was extremely poor quality and scarce in addition to being expensive. You could see more than vegetables, a mushroom per head, some very small and hard cocas, and the salad without any taste ... the rice, if not because of the garlic without any flavor, and dessert and the finish ... fruit or little ice cream ball. .and more than 20 euros because they even charge the ice from the cafe !!!!. The waiter did not know anything .. we asked him for octopus and he said it was not in season and at the moment they serve it at the next table. We saw the bread in a carrycot on the floor next to the bathroom. And what was a masseuse painting in the dining room doing massages?… we are going not only not to return but to call health care!

  4. Eva Crespo says:

    Catona in regular people, but catona in
    Beach very very good !!!!! Of the best of Denia, quality, price and location !!!! He also spent the summer in Denia and it also cost evolution !!! You may have been lucky or a few days, sometimes those things happen, nobody is perfect !!! Except your clear ………. And you will not be the one who has a beach bar in Denia that does not
    Does it work because of the catona ????! Because your interest in sinking it is so suspicious ………… or are you just a load of the
    Lifetime???? A 10 for catona !!!! A client !!!! And I'll eat me today there !!!!!!!

  5. Maria says:

    Jose, I don't know you at all, but who are you to say that nothing I say "is a lie"? This is how I have felt every time I have been, and after years of being a client, we are already friends. You have gone once, and for whatever reason you did not like it, and you have already expressed it. But on the other hand there are people who feel at home, whatever you wear.

    • Joseph says:

      Ok, you're friends with that and we're impartial in your comments. I am a simple client that no relationship to the owner. Therefore I am objective and you're not.

      In times of crisis better leave the money to people who would curra !!

  6. Rose says:

    I'm surpised about the above comment, really it is an enjoyable place, we always had a great time, sure it is highly recommended!

  7. Marta says:

    No conzco catona beach bar but if the village. As above lei more caps are all bag. Never ask a squid and least of croquettes !!
    Attention to a disaster.
    This summer my boyfriend gave bad around and when he went to talk to the manager, the arrogant pretended that we stay close to her to make the box so you can check that he had indeed given him bad back.
    Broken chairs, tables that dance….

  8. Rose says:

    We had a great time, great people, great party, we really enjoyed the night.
    And They do speak Inglés, something we really appreciated

    Tona Thanks!

  9. Antonio says:

    The site is ideal. And the great menu.
    100 100 x I recommend it!

  10. MARIA says:

    I am a client of Ca Tona Beach restaurant for years, my family and I go on summer vacation, I have seen how it has evolved year after year, their rice stews, paellas, noodle dishes, etc. They are exquisite. But besides the quality of its dishes what I was impressed and grateful, it is to test the loyalty of its customers who year after year are dismissed at the end of their happy holidays and thanking the personalized treatment they receive, events organizing them, hiring musicians etc. for all spend a good time in these difficult times when we all need to evade, they engage with their customers.
    thanks Tona

  11. Jose M ª says:

    This comment is for the local who are on the beach, Ca Tona (Paya).
    It is a fraud. We were 4 adults and 3 children, on a Friday night, in what he said was a Cuban party, with barbecue and live music. The food was a menu, as I say, based on barbecue. We asked for a menu for 5, and they brought us: - a soup plate with a little salad (… theoretically for 5) - another soup plate with a little ratatouille. -… and 5 cocas (mini hard and dry pizza) - I don't know whether to comment on the content of the barbecue… .. FIVE chops, from a sheep that had retired years ago, in my life I have nothing like it, some pieces of raw blood sausage, 5 chorizo ​​pieces and 5 chistorra pieces …… and, the price € 30 per menu, € 150…, and the drink… a jug of less than 1 l. sangria, another beer (both hot) and a bottle of water. They threw us, but I hope you read this so they don't fool more people.

    • Ana says:

      I was at that same party, 2 years ago, and apart from having a great time, we had a wonderful meal. The truth is that reading your comment does not surprise me that being 8 people as you comment and asking for 5 it seemed little ...
      Anyway, I can assure you that we ate great, and the quality of both the food and service amazed us. And almost more good Royo that I was there during the party.
      Recently returned, and looking online, I'm surprised your comment, I guess things can happen like that, but I can only remember how much fun we had then and now!

      • Joseph says:

        You will not be responsible ana not? Hahaha

        Don't go, it's really bad, both the food and the attention. And the village catona, worst of the worst, all the frozen tapas, facing the sea, not to believe. Anyway ... we can always choose!

    • Maria says:

      have every reason mundo.Ademas sleazy, painful service, nonexistent hygiene, menu verguenza..o the abaratas, at this level of Denia which has some great restaurants on the sea and August being served even great! .NOT RECOMMENDABLE?