Brilliant performance of the swimmers Club Dénia Triatló in Benissa where they took the podium

28 June 2018 - 07: 59

With the arrival of summer, the “VI Circuit of the Marina Alta d'Aigües Obertes”, with the test held in Benissa. The "VII Crossing the Green Mile", gathered around 200 swimmers. A test in which the swimmers of the Club Dénia Triatló had much protagonism.

Xavi Martínez, from the Club Natación Ferca, and Maite Bañuls, from CN Ondara, proclaimed themselves winners of the event. Together with Martínez, who reached the finish line in 20 minutes and 22 seconds, he was joined on the podium by Alberto López, from UPV Natación, and Antoni Guardiola, from CN Ondara, who finished third.

While in the women's category, Bañuls crossed the finish line in 22 minutes and 49 seconds. Behind Sandra Ortolà, from CN Adrenalin Sport, and Blanca Salvador, from UPV Natación entered.

María Bisquert, Elisa García and Ramón Grimalt took the podium

We must highlight the great work done by the Dianenses swimmers, Club Dénia Triatló, where María Bisquert was second in Master 30, Elisa García he was second in Master 40 and Ramón Grimalt he was third in Master 40.

In addition to those who climbed to the podium to point out the great role played by; Álvaro De María who was the best of the Club Dénia Triatló who entered fourth in Master 30. One post was below, Daniel Gargallo. Esteban Fernández was sixth in Master 40. José Luis Aguado was sixth in Master 30.


Male youth

1 º Xavi Martínez
2 º Joan Sendra
3 º Andreu Gallego

23 Sub Female

ª 1 Sandra Ortolá
ª 2 Carla Domenech
ª 3 Laura Diaz

Sub Male 23

1º Antoni Guardiola
2º Alejandro Ferrer
3º Carlos Sendra

Senior women

ª 1 Blanca Salvador
ª 2 Cristina Roselló
ª 3 Cristina Pulido

Senior male

1 º Alejandro López
2 º Jorge Serra
3 º Roman Viñals

Master 30 Women

ª 1 Maite Bañuls
ª 2 María Bisquert
ª 3 Isabel Ródenas

Master Male 30

1 º Alberto Lopez
2 º John Martin
3 º Ricardo Esteve

Master 40 Female

ª 1 Mónica Cardete
ª 2 Pepa Siscar
ª 3 Elisa García

Master Male 40

1 º Raúl Martí
2 º Jordi Guirado
3 º Ramón Grimalt

Master 50 Women

ª 1 Ana Baydal
ª 2 Ángeles López
ª 3 Maxine Mckinnon

Master Male 50

1 º Manuel Farrona
2 º Pedro Garcia
3 º Juan Ignacio Oltra

Master Plus Male

1 ºDiego Cortes
2 º Javier Selfa
3 º Joan Medina

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