Brigade DD: What a shame it is in this state

November 08 from 2012 - 00: 00

"I moved with my family and friends last November bridge to Dénia, a city that I love and have lived in love since the first time I visited it, in the late 90's. I wanted to show off with my friends, who didn't know her , and I went up to the Castle. But what was my surprise to see the unfortunate state of the entrance.

They are details, but I think they cost so little to improve and would do so much for the image of the monument ... It is about not letting the wooden frames of the main door be careless, that the schedules do not stick in such a shabby way, that the remains of jealousy are not part of the decoration ...

Having what, in my opinion, is one of the most impressive in the province attractions, I can not understand that whoever is responsible for maintaining the luxury of not noticing these little details is permitted but both say the city .

Thank you for giving us this space to expose our concerns about the city.

Ignacio "

This is the letter that comes to us from Madrid, of some visitors who were surprised to see what they attach in the images.

If you also want to be one of our brigade, send us your complaints, suggestions, improvements or congratulations to info@denia.com.

  1. Lucia B says:

    I think Denia is the head of the game in everything. To say otherwise is to throw stones at dianenses. A little seriousness please. All for a simple panel. Now we also criticize that

  2. fernando says:

    hello, how important would see someone from city hall these comments, and if they try to shame, who was head of party denia all, greetings.

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