Dénia Consumer Bonds: list of participants of the new edition

Start date: November 15th 2023
Finish date: December 13th 2023
Event type: Other events
Site: Dénia
Event finished

During these weeks, Dénia once again celebrates the Consumer Voucher campaign to promote local commerce. This time with new features compared to the previous edition, with changes in the list of participating companies where these bonuses can be spent.

What are consumer bonds?

The consumption voucher, or the bons consume, from Dénia are registered documents in printed or digital format with which to apply direct discounts to purchases. In this edition there will be three bonuses, one of €10, one of €20 and another of €50. For the first time, acquiring it will be free, but the customer agrees to spend it in one of the stores in the campaign. You have to make an expense in the store that supposes double the bonus and the discount will be applied to it. In other words, you can purchase one or more products with a total cost of €20 by presenting the voucher of 10 and you would only pay 10, of 40 with the voucher of 20 and only paying 20, or of 100 with the voucher of 50 and only paying 50. With With this transaction, you can purchase products in the participating businesses, disbursing only half of their value (the other is paid by the City Council).

Each voucher must be spent in a single store on purchases of double its value or more, and cannot be divided in any case. As there are three bonuses, they can be spent in a maximum of three different shops. When paying, you must present the voucher accompanied by the DNI.

Where to get them?

As of November 15, you can get the bonuses, while stocks last, through the website of the Bell. Only one of each can be purchased per person. That is, you can buy one for €10, one for €20 and one for €50, but not two for €20, for example.

On what dates can they be spent?

The Dénia consumption bonuses are valid from November 15 to December 3, 2023, and from December 4 to the 13th. This is because those that have not been spent before the 4th will again be made available to customers. neighbors on the web from that day on.

Participating businesses


  • Cafes Pepetto
  • La Chocolatine
  • Les Freses
  • L'Espai, coffee, tea and xocolate
  • In-fusion Emporium of Flavors


  • Marsal shoes
  • Botticelli Denia
  • Calceus
  • Fresh Shoes
  • Life Concepts
  • Saxo Shoes
  • Calçats Towers
  • Shoe store Zapas

Decoration, lighting and home


Drugstore and perfumery

Florist and garden equipment

  • Tangerine florist


Toy store

  • Toy Planet

Bookstore and stationery

  • Publics library


Fashion and accessories

  • A for Ana
  • Amadeo Home
  • Amaranta
  • Shop Pe or PLE
  • Camarena Men's Fashion
  • Carmen Collections
  • Celia Boutique
  • Charming
  • Choc
  • Coquette
  • Diana23-Kids
  • She Boutique
  • Phenoll
  • fz shop
  • GSN Fashion
  • hello man 18
  • Kabah Boutique
  • joke
  • Free Casual
  • Free Fashion
  • Lupita Store
  • Mango woman
  • mango man
  • kids handle
  • Martina
  • Matilda
  • naisha
  • Natura
  • OVS Kids
  • Patricia Teresa Vila Almela
  • Pikolinos
  • Primichi Dénia
  • San & Sat
  • Sonia Piera
  • Titto Dénia
  • Utopia

Technology, computing, electronics and household appliances

Professional services

  • Jaime Moreno Personal Trainer

beauty and wellness

Hardware, DIY and painting


Handbags and accessories

Driving school

Fallas clothing and accessories

  • L'Espoli


Lingerie and swimwear

  1. Jopelin says:

    They have told me that with the voucher you cannot buy shrimp from Dénia, nor extra olive oil, but you can buy an Ermenegildo Zegna jacket
    Is that so?

  2. Jopelin says:

    I have been told that with the voucher you cannot buy Dénia shrimp or extra olive oil.
    Is that so?…well, wow

  3. Fernando says:

    The writer omits an essential piece of information... IT IS NECESSARY TO BE REGISTERED IN IA. Another popular little treat. My friends from Venezuela and Argentina tell me that they also have this. Encouraging. It's wonderful that they are raising our taxes and giving us gift vouchers.

  4. Ana says:

    And can food and the electricity bill, water, and internet be paid with these vouchers?

    I am poor and I can't make ends meet. But I can't buy things that are not vitally necessary.

    Will I be able to buy food with the vouchers?

    If the city council can answer me. Thank you

  5. Lorena says:

    Since I don't have the resources to buy superfluous things, will I be able to buy food for my children and pay the bills?

    How well the rich manage my taxes, along with my master and lord.

  6. Sabrina says:

    Yesterday I went to spend my €20 bonus. When I went to pay, the clerk scanned the code, I paid her €6 difference from the item, I showed my ID and suddenly I told her wait I thought I had the wrong voucher. She tells me that she has canceled the operation. I check the voucher (all this from my mobile) and I tell him to excuse me that if it was fine it was that voucher. We do it all over again and the girl tells me that the system doesn't let me in. She takes the voucher. So I left without an article and losing the voucher. My question is, how can you verify that she charged it or that it has been inactive and not used?

    • Tina says:

      In irony mode: file a complaint at check-in, make an appointment beforehand, maybe in three or four months they will respond to you. Maybe you should do a study first or meet.

  7. Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

    rectification: IT IS PAID FOR WITH THE TAXPAYERS' MONEY, I wanted to write.

  8. Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

    Good Morning-
    .Why don't they participate, if they are provided with extra purchases and secure payment?
    The City Council would do a great favor to the population in general with these purchases if it had directed a little more of the campaign in attention to the fact that extra expenses are approaching with the Christmas festivities. Especially when it is paid for, not with the money from the contibuyentyes.
    It's not bad for the merchants on the list, in some cases their clientele thank God they don't need those bonuses. Being clear, that they should not be excluded for that reason.
    Perhaps you are in time to consider it, if it is worth it for you. I hope YES.
    Thanks for your attention. Cheers