Bodegas Xaló renews the image of its Bahía de Dénia with the new Magnum format

15 March 2019 - 12: 40

The best white wine Bodegas Xaló, Bahía de Dénia, changes format and label but keeps exactly its juice.

The Cradle of Moscatel highlights this white wine, a clean transparent wine very attractive to the eye and bright. Its very intense aroma leads us to enjoy a glass with primary aromas of white fruits and stone (peach), but above all white flowers and light notes of rose petals. Typical aromas of the Muscatel variety combined with those of fresh grapes. In short, an elegant wine, floral and very fruity, typical of the Muscat variety.

Experts have already described it as a long-lasting wine with a pleasant flavor, a slight sweetness point on the tip of the tongue. A perfect wine to accompany all kinds of rice, fish and seafood.


Bahía de Dénia is recognized by several awards:

Bahía de Dénia 2017 - Gold Medal

Bahía de Dénia 2015 - Diamant Award
International Contest WINE AND WOMEN

Bahía de Dénia 2014 - Special prize
Contest Mezquita de Córdoba

Bahía de Dénia 2015 - Cinve Award

Dénia Bay 2010 - Silver Mosque

XVII National Wine Competition City of Córdoba 2011

Dénia Bay 2009 - Bacchus de Plata

IX International Bacchus Wine Competition 2010

Bahía de Dénia 2009 - Emerald Award

III Wine and Woman Competition 2010

Dénia Bay 2008 - Golden Mosque

XV National Wine Competition City of Córdoba 2009

Bahía de Dénia 2008 - Gold Medal

Cinve 2009 Awards

Bahía de Dénia 2008 - Best rated wine

In the tastings Els Bodeguers 2009

Dénia Bay - Bronze Mosque

XVI National wine competition city of Córdoba 2008

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