Bodegas Xaló, passion for the vineyard

January 30 from 2018 - 13: 01

En Bodegas Xaló we find his passion, the vineyard, sunk in his lands and in time.

The climate of the Vall de Xaló, together with the good work of the people, offers us these fabulous products, roots of the own strains.

For some time now the wines of Bodega Xaló are known for their quality and authentic flavor.


We find its raw material in Bernia, Cau, Planises, Masefort and thus a long list of highlands with more than 400m above sea level.
The reds in its Giró variety as well as the "Malvarrosa", where they are collected in more clayish middlelands, are excellent wines for any table or event.

Not forgetting the rosé wines, soft wines from Pla de Lliber (with fertile and deep soils).


The star of Bodegas Xaló, white muscat wines, comes from the deep and fresh Franco-clay soils of the Pla de Lliber. Be sure to try 'Bahía de Dénia', the sweetest ever at the head.

The economic potential of the pass during the 19th century and until the middle of the 20th century, made Pla de Llilber a sea of ​​Moscatel. At the present time, this Moscatel Romano variety, also known as Alexandria, predominates, both in the Pla de Lliber and on the banks of the Xaló river and in the Gorgos game. These last two with more dry and stony soils, are excellent for the sweetest mistelas.

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