Benimeli joined the Regional School of Theater in this course

06 September 2016 - 00: 00

The municipality of Benimeli joins the Regional Theater School in this new course that is about to begin. This is the big news compared to the previous year. The love for dramatic art continues to grow, since last year there was the incorporation of El Verger. The Regional School has the participation of Dénia, Pedreguer, Teulada, El Verger and Benimeli, "something vital to optimize resources", as Mario Passero, director of the same said.

The edil Cristina Morera with members of the Regional School of Theater

In the Regional School there are several working groups; children, youth, adults premier and Russian theater. The children's course is aimed at children aged between 6 and 12 years. As an introduction from the dynamics of the game and the progressive incorporation of body language, vocal techniques, diction and improvisation.

The youth course for youth 12 years 17 to where a similar children's work is done but with emphasis on the discovery of their concerns which are then exploited for work done on stage.

During working adults seeking the self; who I am, what my expressive virtues, my blocks and how they can express my feelings.

The course of Russian theater, where you will learn to act, dance, makeup, mime and voice work. Obviously the practice of the Russian language will be studied.

All persons interested in participating in these courses can inquire at the offices Llunàtics (966423700) where is the ETC.

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