'Mud and silence': Cristina Minguillón's exhibition in Dénia

Start date: 12 January 2023
Finish date: 28 January 2023
Event type: Exposition
Site: Dénia Culture House

The Madrid artist based in Orba, Cristina Minguillón, opens tomorrow at the Dénia House of Culture the exhibition "Mud and silence", an exhibition of ceramics with about 30 pieces that can be visited until January 28.

On this occasion, the Dominican curator and museographer Caryana Castle accompanies Minguillón in the deployment and presentation of the body of works. Castillo affirms that “Cristina Minguillón is, without a doubt, an emulating example of a permanent and sincere creative work. She cultivates her genius and brings value to the elements with her hands, she evokes ancestral knowledge and almost extinct voices.

In addition, following her informative and didactic vocation, Cristina Minguillón, artist and contemporary art history teacher, will offer two creative, open and free workshops: "Crod yesterday and today" (Thursday, January 19, 19:26 p.m.) and "Boxes and artist books” (Thursday, January 18, XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.), both at the Dénia House of Culture.

The ceramics exhibition "Mud and silence" opens tomorrow, Thursday, January 12, at 19:00 p.m., at the Dénia House of Culture.

About Cristina Minguillón

This artist was born in Madrid in 1959 and trained in ceramics, art education, illustration, Gestalt art therapy and art history.

She enjoys working with different clays and is also attracted to wood, iron and fabrics. He teaches contemporary art history courses, creativity workshops, self-knowledge through art, and creates illustration and ceramic projects. He has exhibited in multiple group shows and individual projects.

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