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Barceló: "The Generalitat does not share the decision taken by the Ministry of Health"

May 08 from 2020 - 23: 52

The Minister of Universal Health and Public Health, Ana Barceló, has expressed the disagreement of the entire Council for the decision adopted by the Ministry of Health that they only go to Phase 1 of the de-escalation 10 of the 24 health departments of the Community Valencian.

The Valencian Community proposed that all health departments could access Phase 1, which will begin next Monday, supported by the healthcare and Public Health capacity, and the diagnosis of the Valencian health system virus, as well as the ability to human resources to deal with a future peak of the pandemic. "After listening to the minister, I want to convey total disagreement about the decision taken", pointed out the consellera.

As explained, "The Valencian Community has fulfilled all the criteria required by the Ministry. We have been trying for a long time not only to prevent the pandemic and the virus from spreading, but also to contain this situation. ”.

Among the criteria required by the ministry was, among others, the cumulative incidence of the last 14 days per 100.000 inhabitants. In the Valencian Community, this figure stands at 13,59, while other autonomous communities, which have passed to Phase 1, exceed 60. In addition, the reproductive number of the virus stands at 0,66, "A figure well below 1, the maximum criterion set by the ministry"Barceló recalled.

The consellera has indicated that “We have been during all these months taking care of the Valencian Community, taking care of all the citizens. Our professionals have been dedicated so that we could go to Phase 1 and I have to show our disagreement ”. Therefore, it has announced, "Tomorrow I will contact the minister to convey that we do not understand why this decision has been made. I hope that the Ministry establishes why this situation has occurred ”.

On the other hand, Barceló has indicated that “When we presented this proposal and we had a bilateral meeting with the Ministry, we were told that it was of honor registration. I am not putting a note on it, I am transferring what the Ministry said, supported by the capacity that we had demonstrated this time and the strength that our system has to tackle the coronavirus ”.

Finally, Ana Barceló has ensured that “We are going to continue fighting to take care of and to make available to all citizens our full healthcare capacity. We will continue fighting and we will ask that they be fair in their decision. ”

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